Hi, My Name Is Elliott James Tilleczek. I'm A Portrait Photographer, Phd Candidate, And Podcaster. 

My Art, academic research, And podcast each work to inform one another. I am drawn to understanding the mis/translation, transformation, and mediation of information as it passes through our many interfaces. 

Artistically, I wonder how we might be able to visualize our personalities, personal manifestos, and affective states. what happens to the richness of our selves, our smells, sounds, tastes, and feelings as they pass through the lens of a camera? What happens to our ethics, morals, and beliefs  when we digitally render our image? What can photography tell us about who we are, and we who want to become? 

My Dissertation research looks at queer activism as it gets digitally mediated through social media. How do platform politics, algorithms, and other opaque programs interact with and shape activism? how are queer activists affected by these multiple processes of mediation, and how do they make sense of their online activism?

These same questions circulate my work with "Do You Queer What I Queer?" Podcast. What happens when we refuse the usual coupling of visual politics with queerness, in favour of exercises of listening and speaking from queerness as a starting point?

These guiding questions drive me and my work. I bring this conceptual framework and sense of curiosity to my personal projects as well as to my commercial shoots. Contact me for rates and photo package plans, to collaborate, or to discuss upcoming projects.
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